“From determined to success” Chiang Rai Inter Products Ltd., Part. Founded in 1996 by Mr.Thearachai and Mrs.Sirawan Veerapong .The couple decided to invest physically and financially to create a career that can support their family ,although during that time there was a big Asian financial crisis which caused economic meltdown in Thailand, But both never give up, Instead they kept on looking for opportunity by using their knowledges and experiences plus taking challenging risks together. After market researched of customers’ trend and demand they decided to produce and distribute “fried garlic”. CIP is strategically located in Chiang rai, Northern part of Thailand. Chiang rai, Chiang mai, Lamphun, Mae hong sorn and Nan provinces are well known for the warm climate, fertile soil that characteristics ideal conditions for growing garlic. At first the company began as simple only fried garlic manufacturers, and had grown dramatically over the years, since there was high demand on the market. Over time, CIP has advanced and wanted to develop customer base focused on the foodservice industry but also includes retail and industrial accounts. Garlic is our primary ingredients, but CIP proudly offer a variety of products as well, Dried garlic cloves, Dried garlic flakes, Garlic power and Quality garlic in freshly peeled.

 The company aims to support domestic foodservice industry along with improving the quality to the world market. During the two decades, CIP has grown into a leading supplier of industrial ingredients suchlike Instant noodles product, Ready to eat foods product, Sausages, Curry pastes product, Sauces product, Seasoning power product and Seasoning sauces product. CIP is ensures to deliver the best attention to details in every productions process to remained constant and providing quality products under our talented employees and highly experienced quality control team with onsite researches and product innovations development that ready to act and react to any customer requests to meet international quality standard with slogan “ Thailand favorites to the World kitchen” As a manufacturer and distributors , CIP believes to give highly importance to quality standard of food productions that leads to exceptional premium products for our customers.


To create the exceptional high quality products.


To support domestic foodservice industry along with improving the quality to the world market.

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